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    Hello all,

    I've used BoxWave ('s Crystal-type screen protectors in the past on my PDA's and was always pleased with the results. The most important thing is they offer a clear-type of plastic, versus the type that is meant to be anti-glare.

    However, I recently purchased a protector for my 700w and was less than impressed with the quality. Not only that it was already scratched due to some dirt in the package... No big deal because it will be scratched anyway, but I've not had good luck with recently (faulty sync cable for blackberry comes to mind).

    What brand/type of screen protectors are people using out there?
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    I have to ask, how did you get the Boxwave off? I had the hardest time repositioning it, even with tape! Martin Fields is better IMO, BUT it can scratch easily(while you put it on) and expensive. But it isn't so hard to reposition. Just be gentle while applying.
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    Getting the Boxwave is DEFinetly no easy task, and when I messed up with one (applied near a towel FULL of lint...) on my Tungten E2 I threw it away and bought another brand.

    I LOVE Martin Fields, have it on my iPod, amazing stuff, but I didn't see any Treo stuff on their website - until I went to the link you provided! Thank you very much, for whatever reason appears to be an older version of the site or something.

    I didn't see a link for the 700w - does the 650 fit the same?

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    Nevermind - found it under "Handspring"

    I purchased one of these for my new 30GB video iPod when it first came out because the Nano's had scratched so badly under normal use.

    My iPod STILL looks new - LOVE MARTIN FIELDS! Thanks for the link,

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    I like the boxwave a lot, for me it was easy as hell to apply, no lint, no bubbles, no scratches, all that on the first try. Its been about 2 months now and there still isn't even a scratch on it. Some people don't even know I have one on there.
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    Nyone use the invisible shield? I just ordered a full body one, both it and my new treo 700w are coming monday
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    I have invisible shield full body....its fantastic!!
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    Do you have a link for the "Invisible Shield" screen protectors?
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    Does anyone have a testimonial using the "Invisible Shield" on their treo?
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    I have it and its a realy great really have to look hard to even notice its on the treo and I feel like my treo is very protected!
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    How is the Screen protector? can you drag and drop without it feeling like dragging through mud? does it feel smooth when you drag and drop?

    How does it compare to BestSkinsever?

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    how many zillion times has this been discussed?

    oh my.
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    wow...some rude people in here. For you maybe zillion times, but for me, once.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karterius
    Thanks for the links!

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