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    Here's the latest since upgrade:

    Microsoft ActiveSync

    Synchronization cannot be completed successfully. Reconnect your device and try again. If the problem persists, see the Microsoft ActiveSync Troubleshooter in Microsoft ActiveSync Help on your desktop computer.

    I click OK, and get:

    Connected, Synchronization error.

    What's up with this? I've uninstalled and reinstalled ActiveSTINK 4.1 from my CD...and it still does this.

    Also, my phone screen refresh is slow, slow, slow. I haven't done a hard reset...because I don't want to lose everything when I do it. Besides, nothing in the installation instructions said to.


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    dude IM in the same boat. Activestink is a piece of shi&
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    1. Make sure the tre0 700W is connected to your PC

    2. On the Treo 700W, delete all files in the Programs/File Manager/Windows/Temp

    3. Do a soft reset

    4. Remove Treo from PC

    5. From ActiveSync on the PC, click on File, Delete Mobile Device

    6. Now connect you Treo 700W to the PC

    This helps many.
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    This worked...thank you...I had 8500 files in Temp...and it took nearly 4 hours to delete them all. I hope this Temp folder doesn't get filled again, with the new release.
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    After the update, nothing goes into Windows Temp.

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