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    Has anyone tried this headset yet? It looks like it has alot of features. I has Caller ID on the inside of the headset. They also mention something about seeing your recent calls. I wonder if you can select a recent call to redial? I think I am going to buy one right away unless someone has a horror story about it.
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    I have one of those. Like my HTC Universal its is pretty large, but has a lot of features. It has vibrate and ringtones, and the external screen. Its firmware is flashable, and there has been a few updates already to improve compatability. In theory the external screen can give you the name of the contact calling, pulled from your phones phone book. This works well with my sony erricson v800. However with windows mobile 5 it will just give you the number. You can redial the last 10 numbers dialed or recieved using the jog dial. this would be a killer feature except it stores the numbers as numbers, not contacts, so, unless you know the number of the person you want to call, its not very useful. It has a battery meter on the screen, which is useful as the battery life isnt very long (2-3 days).

    Overall its a good device, but a bit flawed.

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    Wow if you look at the description in the TC store you would think Caller ID works on the 700. But that's not the case, huh?

    Does your sony erricson v800 save the call list wtih names? I figured it might since it has the name in the caller id.
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    No. It stores it only with the numbers in the headset, not with the names.


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