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    Hello from France
    I was a pocket pc fan user for years. And one day I got a treo 650 from my company (Kodak). Since that day I hate windows mobile because :
    - it uses much more batteries
    - it bugs much much much more often
    I'll never go back to pocket pc !
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    A lot of MS illegal actions keep on coming back to haunt them and it appears that they will continue to haunt them for some time to come........

    Comes v. Microsoft

    The first in a series of new lawsuits.,1895,2070989,00.asp

    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal View Post
    Jack does bring up some very good points and certainly has merit. During the 90s I worked for the merchandising company for Corel (WordPerfect, Corel Draw, etc...). I had the opportunity to see what MS did during that time frame that Jack is talking about.

    I know this is going to long, so skip if you don't want to read it, but there may be information that you did not know happened.

    Let me say straight out that I hold two levels of respect for MS. I can respect the man, his vision, and his company's rise to power. But what was done with that power once obtained is a totally different thing. There is a big difference between the two. I do have respect for the rise to power, NO respect for the abuse of power, and dependent on the results of that abuse of power in my daily professional life.

    The reason we are so dependent now on MS is because of the illegal activities they did a decade ago. Here are some examples, some were known to the public and some were not and I know from hanging at a major competitor's corp office several times a year.

    No one doubts that Netscape ruled the Internet Browser world. MS realized the growing potential browser could / would play in the future. As Jack said MS tried to compete with Netscape and was failing miserably.

    MS went to Netscape and made an offer. They offered to give Netscape the whole market for Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.... as long as they did not compete for the Win platform. This is known as splitting the market and is totally illegal among the dominant players. Netscape refused. The exact quote as MS left the room was "We will then suffocate you".

    They then went to Apple and told them that they would stop using Netscape as the default browser and start using IE. Apple refused. Now, Apple was VERY close to going under and closing it's doors forever at this time. MS had spent millions and several years developing MS Office for Mac and was very willing to throw away years of development and eat the loss of the millions spent and threatened Apple that if they did not dump Netscape that they would never release MS Office for Mac.....and event that would have surely been a nothing more than a death sentence for Apple at that time. MS Office for the Mac was virtually a solid monopoly on that platform. Apple was forced to comply. MS used one monopoly to help create another one. An illegal act.

    They then went to AOL and asked them to dump Netscape as their default browser. AOL refused. MS was just about to start MSN, which no one knew at the time was going all but flop. Even though AOL paid to have their icon on the desktop of Win OS, MS threatened that if they did not dump Netscape and use IE the would go against their contract, remove any reference to AOL, and place MSN everywhere possible in the upcoming Win95 OS release. Fearful of the upcoming MSN, they complied and dumped Netscape. Again using the OS monopoly to help form another one, or this case potentially two. An illegal act.

    MS then started to offer their browser for free, using the OS monopoly profits to cover the loss. A direct attack against Netscape. Then in court it was proved by MS own emails that they were going to embed IE into the OS more for market share than for tech reasons.

    Just shortly after after and overlapping the Browser War MS and Sun Microsystems were in a war of it's own. MS recognized, and flat stated, that Java could run on any OS and they saw this as a direct threat to their OS dominance.

    They licensed Java from Sun to include in their OS. They then, against contracts signed, got caught and sued over changing the code to intentionally develop errors with Java.

    After they got caught doing this and ordered to use the correct code, they refused to include Java in their OS. Do you ever remember loading a New MS OS and then have having to download Java separately the first time you used it? This is why.

    As you may know WordPerfect used to rule the roost in the Office Suite world. Now, MS Office is the only game in town. Here is what MS did during the 90s to use one monopoly to develop another one.

    Computer manufacturers would have to pay a license fee to install on their computers. Fine, no problem. For easy numbers lets say the license fee is $100. Then MS would go to the manufacturers and say, "Hey if you also put MS Works on the system we will knock $20 off the OS license fee." Let's see, if they built 10,000 computers that month...that would save them $200,000 a month and $2,400,000 a year. Sounded good to them. Then MS would say, if you put Encarta on it, we knock off another $10, MS Money another $10 gone, etc...which would then multiple their yearly savings (or increased profits) by millions of dollars. But if they put any other competitor's office software (i.e. WordPerfect) on the system...even if they still kept all of the agreed upon MS extra software, their OS license discount was taken away and back up to full price. Totally illegal, using one Monopoly to attempt to develop others.

    A VERY high ranking Corel exec told me in 1998 or 1999 that Compaq wanted to offer Corel WordPerfect pre-installed on their computers next to MS Office Works. MS went ballistic. As soon as MS got wind of this they flew down to Compaq and told Compaq, and I quote "If you do this, we will make it Hell for you!" and stormed out of the office without getting a response from the Compaq execs. Compaq coward down to MS.

    At this time Compaq had an exclusive computer deal with Radio Shack. So they decided to offer WP on all Radio Shack computers. Compaq was just about to publish a press release when MS came down again and told Compaq that they will NOT even publish that press release on their own product. Compaq never did.

    During the late 1990s Corel made a pledge to further the research in Linux and give full support for apps and OS development. They were a major financial force behind WINE (which allowed programs written for Win OS to run on Linux OS). Corel started porting every software package to Linux. This started to give Linux a major Office Suite, WordPerfect. This gave it a major professional level victor and bitmap graphics suite, Corel Draw (the equivalent to Adobe Illustrator & PhotoShop). They committed to porting over their whole line of software.

    Corel also developed one of the first noobie, lowest common denominator installations of Linux of the major challenges at the time. It received award after award for how easy it made it to install the Linux OS.

    Then when Corel hit some hard times, MS stepped in and bought (something like) 20% non voting rights shares of Corel. This was for a couple reasons. It needed Corel to stay alive so it could claim their MS Office Suite was not another monopoly.

    The other generated a congressional investigation, that even though I followed it as closely as I could, I never heard the outcome of it...nothing came out about their findings either way. The investigation was triggered when 6 months after MS bought into Corel, and after Corel committed itself to promoting and spreading Linux with a great deal of success and world recognition for it's innovated advances for Linux......Corel dropped all Linux support, porting programs to Linux, and discontinued all Linux development.

    Bristol offered new and innovated software solutions, video if memory serves me right, but not 100%. MS did not have anything to compete against it yet. Bristol paid for the source code to hook their software in the Win OS. MS refused and delay to give them information for years. Only after MS released their answer to their software, did MS give the the code info they paid for years ago and contractually had the right to have.

    MS was sued over this and lost big time when found guilty.

    Begin to see a pattern during the 90s?

    This is not to say that MS didn't have it's fair share of failures as well. Need I say anymore than.....Microsoft Bob!

    MSN never caught on and never did become the death of AOL.

    Their hand in going against Tivo with the Ultimate was pulled back. (I personally loved our Ultimate than any Tivo I have had, I was actually sorry to see that one go).

    No matter if you love MS or if you hate MS. If you boycott MS products and use only MAC, Palm, and Linux. Or if you use anything MS from games to OS to Cell Phone OS. They are here. We all have to, or enjoy to, use their products. But I do think it is important to know how it came to be like it is today. They used illegal, unethical, immoral tactics after they rose to power to expand that power into areas that they could not compete successfully in on a level playing field.

    Again, I use WinXP, and like it. I use WinMobile and think it is the best solution for me at the moment. I own an Xbox and enjoy playing it more than my Gamecube a lot of time. I have full positive respect for how MS came to power. I do NOT have respect with how they have used and abused that power. And that no matter what has happened, I realize that I have to make the best choice to make me as productive in my professional life as possible.....and for me, no matter what my personal opinions are, it is more often than not a choice to use MS.
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