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    Note: This update has not been modified from the one posted earlier on the web site. This download includes changes that affect the installation process only. If you have already run the Treo 700w Updater 1.10 successfully, you do not need this update.
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    if i already did the original upgrage, can i still do this one also?.....some people were saying that a lot of users did the update successfully but there were certain files or whatnot that didnt get would there be any harm in trying this updateover the first update?
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    you'd probably have to do that version number change but i dont see how it could hurt...but then again you never know
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    what if i use prite to backup before the newer update and then if something goes wrong i can go restore right?...would that be ok to do
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    let us know what happens if you do it
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    Happy, I don't know if you want to do that. I remember that there was something on the Palm website about doing that. Don't remember exactly what it said but I don't think it would be good because this is a firmware update and sprite doesn't backup your firmware.

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