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    Ok i noticed that in the last few days my storage memory went from 12mb to 9.5 mb and i havent installed any new programs or anything besides the new palm update.......this happened once before as i had the active sync add songs from my wmp without knowing......fixed that small problem....then i noticed that i needed to delete some sms(texts) and emails and it went up a hair....but i just deleted ALL my texts and emails and it didnt go up at all.......where can i look for unwanted files that may be eating up this storage?........and yes i have my settings in email options set to store attatchments to sd card
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    Pocket Internet Explorer cache.
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    i used memmaid to clean everything out, i deleted all my emails and temp files.....deleted the "guest" folder, deleted all text messges(sms) and my memory still drops 1-2mb...what folder do i delted anything else from
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    You can also erase the help files if yont use them. There are also some apps that come with VGA databases, if you have a poke around on your device you can get away witht them as well.
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