I know about the DST bug, have read VZW's article on it, and I have disabled both my 'enable local network time' and 'use network time zone' settings.

when I had allowed the 'use network time zone' without enabling the 'enable local network time' settings, my phone would shift back to the Indiana time zone setting by itself, showing a GMT -5 setting. When I disabled both settings, I also changed the time zone to Central GMT -6, since I live in Fargo, ND. My clock stayed the same so far as time.

However, since DST is in effect, technically the GMT offset is only -5, so I am concerned that I will later experience issues, especially with Outlook appointments.

While hopefully the huge DST bug will be fixed prior to the next time change in the fall, I am looking for thoughts as to whether my setting of 'Central GMT -6' will cause issues.


BTW, if we are in daylight savings time, what's the opposite- daylight wasting time? Sort of like saying that when you melt dry ice, you get dry water (yes, I know it is made from a different gas). Ok, humor was never my strong suit....