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    With all the questions about what eats up memory on the Treo I'm wondering if there is a way to identify which processes are running in the background. The memory function only shows what programs are "running" but I suspect there might be a number of other things running in the background that don't need to be there. Is there any way to find out what these are and/or clean it up?
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    Get MemMaid, that program is great and one of the features it has is exactly what you are looking for...
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    You can also use S-K Tools to see all the "hidden" apps running in the background.
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    I downloaded MemMaid and must say it's a cool program. What I found most intersting though is that my horrible lack of free memory (only ~10.5MB after a soft reset) is not due to memory being eaten up by vairous programs but that's just the way it is, Period. All of the processes listed after a soft reset are 'critical' programs that cannot be closed.

    So basically, it's just a plain design flaw on Palm's part.

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