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    Does anyone know of a program that will open .eps files with WM5? Neither Adobe Reader 2.0 for pocket PC nor Picsel will. I've done extensive searching and have come up with nothing. My guess is that it's not doable.
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    I have still failed to find anything. Anyone have any ideas? Anyone have Repligo and can tell me what format it turns an eps. into after opening it? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I did a google on "eps files pocket pc" and this popped up on the first page:
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    Great thanks Beryl. I used a lot of different search strings and never came up with that link. It didn' list WM5 and not sure how it will display on 240x240 but I'll find tomorrow when I get to work. Thanks again.
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    The program Beryl linked to will not work with Windows mobile, although it's a nice free app.

    Does anyone else know of any program that can view an .eps? I don't need to manipulate the .eps even, just view it. Thanks for any help.
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