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    My saga so far........

    When I first purchased my 700w, I rushed home and used activesync (via USB) to sync my email, contacts, and calendar with Outlook on my PC. A couple of days later, the IT guys got me set up to sync over the air with our Exchange server. I then changed the option settings in Activesync to sync email, contacts, and calendar directly with the Exchange Server, and it works great, except for my Calendar, which refuses to sync properly.

    If I create a new appointment on the 700w, is syncs back to Exchange just fine, but if I create an appointment on my PC it does not show up on the Treo. Also, none of my future or recurring appointments show up on the Treo. Basically my calendar is blank except for appointments I have entered on the Treo.

    I put this issue aside for a few days as I fought the battle of the 1.10 Update (another saga), with the hope that a hard reset and fresh start after the update might resolve my problem. After the update, I set up over the air sync with Exchange only, and have not set up activesync with my PC at all.

    My problem lives on, and I'm out of ideas. Email and contacts sync both ways with no problems. Any ideas?
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    Does anyone have a clue for me? I love most things about my 700w, but the lack of a reliable calendar is a huge problem.
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    I'm having the same problem does anyone know of a fix?

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