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    one sprint 600
    one verizon 650
    one verizon 700 (jan/feb timeframe)

    like this one the best, hands down.
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    I'm on my second 700. The first one's screen stopped working after only 4 days. Verizon replaced it in the store and this one has been working fine since Feburary.
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    2nd one here. Only because I demanded a new one due to the lock up problem. Only to find that it was the software setting.. Oh well the 1st had a scratch in it and now I'm happy.
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    I'm in my third 700w in about 2 1/2 months.

    #1 - the "P" key on the keyboard essentially sunk in and wouldn't work properly.

    #2 - ran into problems while doing the recent firmware update and the thing just got stuck in limbo. Wouldn't soft reset. Wouldn't hard reset. To quote the Palm tech support guy: "Sir...your phone is now a paperweight." Verizon Wireless sent me a new one.

    #3 - just got it today. Hopefully it'll be around longer than the first two.
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    3rd in 2 months first one was defective, my second, problem-free one was stolen a few days ago from my hotel parking lot, along with my camera. thankfully, i had ordered the insurance on the last eligible day. i'm a total believer for cell phone insurance when it comes to these $600+ phones!
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    Im on my 4th 650 all headphone jack related #4 "now out of warrantee" has already had a new screen and major overhaul with nono and I'm about to send it back for another healing ! I can't help it that I'm lucky.............
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    #2 for me...

    * 1st was a Treo 180. I switched out to get a smaller phone because I didn't need all the functionality after switching jobs.
    * 2nd is the Treo 700w that I have now. I've had it for a few days and have had to reset a few times. I'm chalking it up to the fact that I keep playing with it and changing out all the set up features, but who knows... if I keep having problems, I'll be onto #3.
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