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    I have my account set up and the exchange server on my phone set up as well but still not recieving e-mails... Is there another step that i am missing?

    I am using OutLook 2003 for my e-mails, is there a setting in outlook that i have to change??? Thanks.
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    From the top of my head here is the steps you need to follow.
    1. Either forward all your mail or set 4smartphone to actively go get it.
    2. Set up your phone with the exchange settings from 4smartphone; username, password, etc.
    3. If you'd like to use your desktop there is a file you need to download and run on your machine. BE WARNED. It will erase your current Outlook.pst data file. So back it up and copy and save it somewhere else, then re-import the data after running the 4smartphone settings wizard.

    That should be it.

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