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    I just noticed this for the first time today and was wondeirng if anyone else has seen this. I installed the 1.10 update but do not use push. I was polling my pop3 account every five minutes and apparantly that was causing an issue in that when my evdo connection was on but dormant and the top clearly says evdo that despite it being an evdo connection when people called me they were sent straight to vociemail rather than letting the call come through.

    This was never the case before the update where if it was evdo no matter what the phonecall would cut through.

    However, since I did the trick to stop my pop3 accounts from polling, for now at least, it seems to go back to its normal behavior of always allowing the call through unless it's 1x.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
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    This shouldn't be the case. The only time a caller should be pushed to your voicemail box is when you are doing an active email exchange. 1st gen. EVDO does not have this seems that 2nd Gen. EVDO will. If you are continually getting this, I would take your phone to Verizon.

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