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    Say I wanna use 1x data connection all the time so I can still receive calls when in always-on mode. Is there a way to do this? I get my 700w tomorrow and I am really worried that the always on functionality I had with my 650 will be lost because of the EVDO limitations. Does this mean if I want push email that I will not be able to know that someone is calling my phone? Does it at least ring and then disconnect the data connection if you answer?
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    You will not be able to recieve any calls if your data connection is allways ACTIVE. Only in an EVDO area.
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    So basically the device is useless if you want push email and incoming calls?
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    Ah, I found my answer here...

    Basically the same way GPRS / GSM works.
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    Yup, so you would want it to stay on EVDO, as then it rings either way. Active or Inactive.

    Just so you know, the new update causes it to stay online all the time anyway. Unless you click the icon and chose disconnect.

    Edit: EDGE changed to EVDO... lol, always getting these things mixed up. Really should know, seeing that I use a Treo 700w all the time.
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    Verizon uses CDMA, not GSM technology. EDGE is only for GSM.
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    Thanks Sherlock...
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    the comment wasn't addressed to you, and it wasn't meant to be a jab, just a clarification.

    YOUR comment, however, was somewhat unnecessary. God knows how many times you have posted on these boards asking the same d&amned question about simultaneous data and voice over and over again.
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    LOL, its cool man...
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    Quote Originally Posted by webtoker
    LOL, its cool man...
    ... and repetitive.

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