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    Hey guys:

    I just installed the 1.10 update from Palm on my Treo 700w. Now, I have a seriously weird issue...

    I CANNOT download any folders OTHER than my inbox. Before this update, and on other phones here in the office that are still on the 1.02 firmware, you can choose to sync folders from your exchange server, for example...

    Let's say you have like six folders under your inbox. Before the update, you could choose to "Manage Folders" on your Treo, and choose to "sync" these folders. After the update, my Treo goes out, grabs those folders like it's supposed to, but grabs NOTHING inside them. What gives????

    Is this a problem on our Exchange server (highly unlikely) or is this what this update was supposed to do? If that's the case, it's useless, as if you set up message rules to move e-mails, you'll never get them on your Treo if your PC is also open. What's the deal? HELP!
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    Go to manage folders and put a check mark next to the folders you would like to have downloaded. I just got mine to work. Also change your active snyc options to get past emails for more than two days. Like 2 weeks or a month.

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    Nice try...but this doesn't work. My manage folders option is actually greyed out! So is the send/recv button. This is seriously pissing me off!

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