Via Palm Addict:

"The new version of this universal IR remote control application includes an integrated layout editor, full support for Windows Mobile 5.0, and support for landscape mode (useful for those devices with oddly-positioned IR ports). A free trial version, and the full version (at $29) are both available from the WinCESoft web site."

Looks questionable for Treos tho...see screen resolutions supported in feature list below:

* Free definable control panels, layouts and graphics.
* Built- in layout editor for panel- pages and graphical buttons
* Support for different remote- types per panel- page
* IR- code teach in function via quick learn or IR database editor
* Expandable IR-code library
* Macros for multi sequence codes per button press
* Acoustic feedback at buttonpress.
* Support of the built in device keys.
* Press and hold button function (e.g. for the volume+/-)
* Fastest responsive RC application available
* Full screen support
* IR range of 3 to 20 meters (depends on Windows CE device)
* Supported display sizes: 240x320 - 800x600 pixels
* Import and export of Philips Pronto CCF IR- codes
* Auto power off function
* Support for toggle IR- codes
* Support of the included IrDA- port or compact- flash IR- extender cards to increase the transmit range
* Support for WM2003SE / 2005 portrait, landscape and hi- res.- VGA displays
* Support of external applications (e.g. Internet Explorer with EPG)
* Upcoming support for the HP- iPAQ NEVO- consumer IR modules (iPAQ 2210/2215, rx3715 etc.)

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