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    Ok, well I found a pretty big bug.

    Can any one else view an e-mail while on the phone? Let me know. I have only tried one e-mail and it has an attachment. Every time I try and view an e-mail the phone just hangs there. I can still talk on the phone but it wont open the e-mail. Then I hung up and tried to view the e-mail then and it wouldnt open. I had to close Poutlook useing the task mananger and then view the e-mail.

    Can anyone confirm this?


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    I often read emails and open attachments while on the phone and have not had a problem at all.
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    I also tested this by calling my Voicemail. During the phone call, I was able to read my email without problems.
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    I honestly had never tried it before, but like the previous poster I went ahead and called my voicemail and was able to check my email and open attachments.
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    Tried it also, no problem. I had the flawed update also so it's not that.

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