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    Okay, I think I'm having a problem with Calender and alerts. If I create a new appointment on the Treo 700w, set a reminder (I've tried 10 minutes, 5 and 1), when the time comes, the treo doesn't play the alert sound or display a notification on screen. When I set the event, it does show the "bell" alert icon, meaning it's set to remind me. Time comes and goes but no alert.

    I'm wondering why this is happening and how to fix it. I've looked and all the sound and event notifications are turned on. Can someone try it and see what happens with their phone? On the Treo, not desktop, set a new appointment with reminder turned on. Does it play the alert and show the reminder? I'm going to try setting an appointment on my desktop next and then syncing and will see if those alerts for those appointments work.


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    I'm suddenly having the same problem as well. It worked forever and then one day it just stopped. Reminders for tasks or calendar events don't go off, alarms sometimes go off, and sometimes build up for days and then go off endlessly.

    Anybody know why this is happening or what to do about it?
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    It seems to be due to a corrupted notification. There's an app called Check Notifications from which will find and delete the offending notification.
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    The same thing just started happening to my 700w. Could it be a date-related bug, i.e. it just started on (for example) July 15? It seems strange that it just hit more than one of us at the same time!
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    Just an update. Based on lulugirl896's post above, I deleted all my old completed tasks and past calendar appts. The problem went away, and alerts are working properly. So it might have been an appt with a corrupt notification or something.
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    Based on lulugirl896 posting I tried to use check notifications but is does not work for Windows Mobile 5.0. ScaryBear had no suggestions as to where to go from here, does anyone?

    I am curious about the other peoples same problems - did they happen only running Outlook or did they happen running a third party software like Agenda Fusion or Pocket Informant?
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    I used Memmaid to clear up a notification issue. worked fine for me..
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    how do you delete the past appointments on the calander ??
    is it one at a time or an actual place to do it
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    Go into Outlook and change the calendar to view by catagory or something other than day/week/month.

    From that you will get a list of appointments.

    You can then highlight the first and last appointment you want to delete and everything in between will be deleted.

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