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    ok - since syncing my treo with our exchange server is nearly IMPOSSIBLE, since the setup is the most inconceivable junk ever... I setup wirelesssync on my desktop at work, and im doing my emails this way.

    However, i want to sync my gmail account as well. But when i try to run wirelesssync on a separate computer, it wont let me.

    Any way to do this?

    Another question i have - i tried 4smartphone with my gmail account. It works great. But i dont want to pay for a year's service in advance for my gmail. I would however, use it for my work exchange account. But the only options i see for 4smartphone, is to forward the email, or to use a pop account. I dont want to set my outlook to forward every single email that I receive. My sent box gets cluttered, etc. Is there some way to use 4smartphone or another service that is reasonably priced (not goodlink), to do this?
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    also - does anyone have the CAB file to install wirelesssync on my treo? i deleted wirelesssync because it was a i want to install it again...?

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