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    How can we fix this? Registry?
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    It's not possible. EVDO technology doesn't allow an active data connection while talking on the phone.
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    EVDO is in t's first generation. I understand EVDOII or revision B will have this capability.
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    I knew the answer but didn't want to believe =) I thought someone may know something. I would be satisfied with a 1x data connection to maintain my connection while on the phone atleast implus wouldn't die that way.
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    isnt it funny that in 1x you can have a call during a 1x session but if you're in a 1x session first your calls gets routed to vm
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    you can't be on a call and on EvDo or 1x, active - either one. You can be on a call and send/rcv SMSs, but that's it. Once you're live on a call, no active data (either 1X or EvDO) is possible. Nope. Test it - you'll see.

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