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    I have the Treo 700w with the ROM update. I have a SBS 2003 exchange server with SP2. I'm trying to get my Treo to recognize the server when it is on the docking station. When the Treo is wireless everything works great. The push email feature works very fast. The server name I used for the active sync on the Treo is the address I used to access the OWA for the server. When I dock the Treo it cannot find the server and and I stop receiveing email to the treo until I undock the unit. What should be the server address that can work either docked or undocked for the Treo? Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    I think the issue may be your connection settings in activesync when you are plugged to computer. the device no longer connects to the internet by itself: it tries to do it through the computer.
    I've tried this and it works: after you plug into computer, open activesync on your desktop. click on file and go to "This computer is connected to:"
    mine was set on "work network" and when I changed it to "the internet", my treo then was able to connect to internet while docked.
    hope this helps
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    you might have to disconnect it and resync after you make this change

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