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    it looks like to me there has been more problems after then before im sure glad i had to go to work and didnt have time to install the update? is it really that bad
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    My phone has worked better than ever since the upgrade. The only problem I had before the upgrade was memory issues. That has been solved for me. My email works flawlessly, my battery is the same (very good).
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    see im having an internal battle with myself should i use the links provided and go ahead and do the update or wait for palm to put it back up, there has to be a logical reason why the took it down..right?
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    I did the update after others reported issues. It has been my experience that you can avoid some issues if you do a hard reset before you do an update. So I did a sync with Outlook and exported all my contacts to a file on my desktop. I did a hard reset and then applied the update as instructed. So far everything went great. I came from a 600 to the 700 and was about to switch to a 650 because of the lack of a sufficient email system. Now I absolutely love the convenience and reliability of push email. I can see why blackberrys (or blackberries?) are so popular. Plus I was in need of a hard reset anyway. I had tried and removed a bunch of apps that weren't updated for 700 use, or didn't work as good as advertised, or just really weren't needed so my Treo had slowed down considerably. Now I have a quick responsive email, call, media player, external modem, etc... machine.

    So long story short, I am happy.

    Plus I would imagine if they are fixing real issues with the update they would give the new and improved version of the update a higher update version number. If that's the case will should be able to read through what's changed or fixed and decide whether to apply that update also.
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    the updater acted funny for about 2 days then its been a dream after that. dont know what it is. a couple of soft resets and its been better than good.
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    does it really help the memory that much?
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    To me there seems to be 2 primary types of issues with the upgrade...
    1.) Install issues - the includes the unzipping issue, activesync issue etc...
    2.) Battery Life - some users are reporting less battery life after using direct push.

    Overall I the upgrade went smooth for me and my device runs better then pre-update. I would definately consider it an upgrade.
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    I had very good luck with the upgrade, but I'm also on an Exchange server. I may be wrong, but from what I've seen on these forums the problems have been mainly for users who aren't on Exchange. Thus, if I weren't on Exchange I'd personally hold off on the upgrade (and if I was, I'd find a copy somewhere asap!).
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    yeah im gonna give palm till the weekend if the new updates not available ill jus go ahead and do the links here
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    its a pain to have to charge my phone all the time now. when i got up this morning my phone was at 49% (when i went to bed it was prob around 90%). prior to the update i had never even had my phone below 60%.
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    Are you hosted on an Exchange server or using POP?

    It seems to me the users with battery issues are on POP and their devices are constantly connecting to their host server. I've be off charge for 6 hours today and am at 76%. This is about the same as before the update when I was using AUTD via SMS.
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    i always had battery drain issues until I realized why. I always had my screen brightness to the max which now I know is unnecessary unless you are in very bright light. Now I have my screen brightness way down. This has at least double my battery life. I did a hard reset before my update so after my update my screen brightness was in the middle again. I lowered it to acheive a good battery life. Maybe that will help you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AceMarlak
    it looks like to me there has been more problems after then before im sure glad i had to go to work and didnt have time to install the update? is it really that bad
    I think this upgrade is great. I am not on exchange...yet and I have a longer battery life than before. Does anyone know when the update will be back up? I think this will have even better improvements and easier installation.
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    According to our Verizon rep the update should be up anytime as they expected the update to be available late yesterday...

    They were clear that if you have applied the patch already (and didnt make a brick out of your phone) then NO further action will be necessary . I understand that to mean you will not need to update again.. or update the update... What you've got.. is what you've got once you've updated...

    They also stated that the issues with the update were installer (unzip issue) and device specific ... fwiw

    Dunno.. that is what they are telling us....
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    yeah i keep my screen brightness all the way up im not sure if its jus me but in the middle doesnt seem bright at all it strains my eyes
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    I would go back to prior to the update. My device is faster and has more memory right after soft reset but it leaks away more quickly.

    I hard reset before install and have hard reset and installed the exact same apps as before the patch, but 3ish in the afternoon I have 3MB left with nothing open in task manager.

    I am finding the update to be a downgrade personally.
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    I've always had mail pushed out so I'm used to charging everyday, however, now that I've stopped the POP3 mail, my battery life is actually BETTER than before the upgrade. After 10 hours, I'm at 61% rather than less than 50%.

    Memory leaks the same but I'm not using Exchange.

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