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    Periodically, I'm having a situation where I press "answer" to pick up a call, and my bars immediately drop from wherever they were down to zero and though it says "call in progress" I can't hear anything. I have been told that sometimes, the other party can hear me anyway.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I've had the device about 6 weeks and am generally pretty happy with it.
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    i periodically get this...but what i will say is that i work on the 11th floor so the signal fluctuates from full to nothing sometimes
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    It happens to me too. Very frustrating.
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    I have voice command enabled and it keeps saying the callers name but never allows me to pick annoying.
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    I started getting this happening to me in the last 2 days.
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    yea..same phone just continues ringing and i cannot answer it as if its frozen.. then i miss the call and controls go back to normal..
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    I've been having an issue where I can't answer calls either. Have started thinking it may have to do with the key-lock. Essentially, I can't turn it off when a call comes in.
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    i have problems answering when you are in the middle of dialing and call waiting comes in. the phone just locks
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    I have also had the same problem, also beginning a few days ago, except with my Treo 650. Also, some people cannot get through with SMS messages.

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