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    I recently purchased 3 700Ws for our IT department to play with. We have Exchange SP2 and I also recently installed MSFP. Email, Calendar and Contacts sync wirelessly with no problems. Email now works with the direct push when new mail arrives. On two of the devices, tasks also sync wireless but on the third device it's not even an option. On the 'bad' Treo, tasks can only be synced w/ USB. I would love to know how to get tasks syncing wirelessly on this one as well, especially because it's the bosses. Both computers are running the same version of Active Sync 4.1.0 Build 4841 and both Treo's have MSFP installed. Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Here is a question: Assuming that the problem is a user setting, have you considered doing a complete wipe of the Treo and getting it back to the default settings? Since the wireless sync should work, you can just sync and replace all the information! Just a thought.
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    TMCI - Thanks for the advice. We did try a hard reset and when we brought the Treo back up, we did have the option to sync wirelessly for Tasks. However, even though Tasks was checked under the Exchange option, they never did sync wirelessly. After another wired sync, we then lost the option to sync tasks wirelessly again =(. Any other thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    hmmmm...I would completely remove the wired sync option from the picture. This only adds moving parts that you dont need to confuse you. Try doing a hard reset and completely wipe the Treo...then sync wirelessly. That should do it. If have stumped me. It sounds like there could be an issues on the server side. verify that SP2 has been applied.
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