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    Ok I give, I am getting ready to trade in my 700w for a ppc-6700. Do any of you have A2DP running on the 6700?
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    Has a2dp on the 700w become a dead issue? It seems everyone in this thread is now talking about jumping ship and going the Q or HTC or something.

    I'm still waiting with baited breath for bluetooth stereo. Any developments?
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    As for a2dp on the 6700 it is hit or miss on whether you get the lag issue or not. I've been scanning the xda-developers forums and the pdaphone boards looking for things to try, but there hasn't been any recent developments.

    If sprint or cingular adds a2dp to their versions of the 7xxw we should be able to bring it over to the verizon version, but if sprint or cingular add more memory also I will be switching carriers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip
    If sprint or cingular adds a2dp to their versions of the 7xxw we should be able to bring it over to the verizon version, but if sprint or cingular add more memory also I will be switching carriers.
    Amen to that.
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    between the a2dp and ram issues and other bugs this thing has, I'm really ticked, might as well switch to the 6700
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    Once Sprint releases the 700WX, maybe there will be a better chance of getting this a2dp stuff sorted out and working.
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    We can dream
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    I got my 700wx last night and installed the Tornado a2dp cab, copied the 3 dll's to \Windows and ran the cert cab. I did a soft reset and verified the registry entries were added.

    I was able to pair my stereo headset and check both the Headset and Stereo profiles, but I could not switch from Headset to Stereo profile since it is not listed on the popup like it was on my 700w.

    Has anyone else tried this yet?
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    I got the 700wx on 9/3 and tried the Tornado hack that I used on my old PPC6700.

    I was able to pair the Treo to my Moto HT820's and I got both the option for Headset and Stereo Headphones; and I was able to check them both. However, I could not get it to actually start playing audio through the BT headphones. This is my first treo, so I did not know there was somewhere you had to change it, on the 6700 once you paired it as a stereo headphone you got the little Headphone with a musical note icon...

    I read on the other forums about the 700w and A2DP and saw all the complaints about it being choppy so I gave up on Bluetooth audio for the Treo.
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    Yeah, there is suppose to be an option to set your profile as Wireless Stereo when you click and hold on your device in the bluetooth device list. If it's not there I think that means the bta2dp.dll didn't load for some reason. If I have time I'll play around with this over the weekend.
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    Have you gotten this to work with the 700w or is it a hopeless? I successfully implemented the hack and paired my Moto HT820's but the music pauses as others have reported. How can we be so close?
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    wont the 750 have the ad2p profie or did i just make that up

    if so then we'll get it once it comes out
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    I just saw that U could get the 750v from Vodaphone without a subscription so maybe they'll be A2DP love comin'...I didn't see any treo-stuff on the xda board - only htc stuff, so while they were the source before, i don't see them hackin'/workin' the treo - am i wrong?
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    They'll start hacking as soon as we can get a rom dump of the 750v. We've been trying to get someone to do it, but so far unsuccesful...
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    logitech (pc) bt headphones + 700w. works but skips. it goes for about 10 to 15 seconds before it starts tweaking - another 10 to 15 then tweaks again - this cycle seems to be pretty consistent. volume and forward/backward works as well. it feels like an inadequacy but whether it is the processor, memory, fs's ability to read the music or bt's ability to dish it out i can't tell you. maybe a combination of them all. i do have to say i'm rather disappointed with the performance, if that is in fact the issue. i'll try a couple things tomorrow but i think the only real hope is an optimized set of dll's for this specific purpose. maybe fast sd card might help too (i've no idea how fast the one i have is rated for.. i'm sure it's not great).

    and ya know.. i've had other ppc devices and this one is by far the least impressive of them all. it's too bad since it is exactly my preference as far as the phyical design goes for the phone that might be able to do the things i want my phone to do. i really don't like the whole slide-out keyboard, even though it is a bit easier to use, i generally don't have any issues with this one. not to mention the fact that the phone, being all one piece (no major moving parts), lends to a much more reliable piece of equipment. but i digress..
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    Rumor has it that the 700wx is coming to vzw in December. If you can hold out that long you can complain to them and they might let you swap the 700w for a wx. Hopefully it will have an updated rom with threaded sms and a2dp support.
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    just pulled up the specs on both - i'm not seeing much of a difference - what am i missing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by psyjoniz View Post
    just pulled up the specs on both - i'm not seeing much of a difference - what am i missing?
    Double the RAM (program memory). w has 32, wx has 64. Not to be confused with ROM (same on both).
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    The difference is that you don't have to worry about running out of memory. You can multitask with ease and not worry about programs closing on you.

    Plus I'm betting that the rom will be updated to include sms threading and a2dp support since these features have been delivered for the 750v.
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    This comment probably wont mean alot to alot of people, but Microsoft really did us all a disservice when they created their own BT stack and stopped using the widcomm stack. My dell axim x50v is an incredible device with great BT functionality. The microsoft stack leaves much to be desired.
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