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    Hey Everyone,
    I'm a new Treo 700w user and new to the world of smart phones in general. So far I've found it to be an incrediably amazing piece of hardware, and quite versatile.

    At work we have an Exchange server, which I've been able to VPN into via PPTP but I'm not sure what I can do with the Treo once I'm there. I've been able to use Terminal Services, but what I would really like to do is be able to browse the public folders on the servers hard drive. I try creating a new path in File Explorer that matches what I would do on a PC but the server keeps asking for a correct username/password. I'm an administrator on the server, so account restrictions aren't the problem I think.

    Is this even something that can be done with the Treo 700w & it's native software? If so, any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?

    Thanks for any insight into this problem.
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    Why dont you try getting it to work while in the local network (e.g. using WIFI) then try it over VPN.

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    I don't have a WiFi card for my 700w, so this isn't doable.

    From your suggestions it would seem that it is possible to map a network drive via WiFi/VPN, is that a safe bet to assume?
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    Yes, but its much easier to map a network drive using a file browser such as resco explorer with a network browser.

    Once a drive is mapped you can use it from any software, but beware of file browsing slowing down dramatically as WM tries to list all the files in the directory of a remote drive over a slow connection.

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    I downloaded a trial of that software (it's pretty nifty) but it doesn't detect my network any better unfortunatly. Am I doing something wrong?
    I VPN in to my Windows 2003 Server.
    Go to Map Drive.
    type in '\\myservername\FolderIWant\'
    and then thats as far as I get. Is there something that needs to be activated on the server side?

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