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    I'm going to buy a 700w.

    The best price I've seen so far is from verizon .. 399 after my new every two, or after subscribing to the 2 year data + phone plan.

    I'm already a VZW customer, but I want to find a cheaper price on the phone, if possible.

    I know back in the day had it for 99. Right now, Amazon has it for 299, but only with a brand new activation, and I want to keep my number.

    Any suggestions? Where did you buy yours?

    Does it make sense to wait a couple weeks for the Q to come out? Will that have a downward impact on the 700w's price?
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    The best price you'll get would most likely be Verizon if they are discounting the price to renew your contract. New activations always get the best deal unfortunately.

    Unless the Motorola Q is a bit cheaper than the 700w, I would expect its release to have any impact on the price of a 700w.
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    Check Ebay. This is where I purchased mine and my wife's.
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    Best place for existing customers is Ebay.
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    I've seen nothing on Ebay for less than 450 ... kinda defeats the point when it's 399 at the verizon store.

    Even the listings below 400 are in the 350-370 range ... for a used unit ... that makes absolutely no sense when I can walk in and get a new one for 399...
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    Yes EBAY! If your a Verizon customer and your contract is not due they will ding you for full retail and In my greedy state of California with tax it would have cost me $670. Found it on EBAY for $440 new, no shipping, no contract, no box, no warranty. A bit of a risk but it was local pick up. He demonstarted that it worked, took it to Verizon for activation and put it on the insurance plan. Had it 2 months with the few glitches reported here. You may try one of the Kiosk in the malls. They are privateers and can make a better deal than a Verizon store.
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    People suggesting Ebay ....

    I can get a new one for 399. At verizon. Right now.

    I don't need to pay 440 on Ebay.

    The question is, can I find it for less than 399 anywhere? Or is that a lost cause?
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    EBAY worked for me and many others. If your not tied to a contract and don't mind being committed to them for 2 years with the same phone, go buy it at Verizon. You asked for suggestions, I gave you one. If your state charges tax you will be most likely pay over $440. Verizon charges tax on full retail price not the discounted price. I am not sure how they figure that is right.
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    best place is sprint in a month or so. just port your number on over :-)
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    In my experience, best place to buy a phone is the local brick and mortar "all carriers" store. When I bought:

    Best online price was $399, I paid $325
    On line was min. 2 year contract, I got 1 year
    On line was send in rebates after 6 but before 7 months, I got cash for signing my rebates over in store.
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    I agree with Jack, though my deal was not quite as sweet as his. I paid 399, 1-year contract, with PDA bundle deal, instant rebate.
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    It also depends where you work. I am a goverment employee and a merits customer with Verizon. I only paid $250 with a 1 yr contract at Verizon.
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    I bought mine from the Verizon store for 399 but I'd also agree with Jack and check out what other stores can do for you. is now Soon to be a great resource site for all Windows Mobile phones.
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    I recommend You have to pay the $449.99 up front but you can send in a rebate online to get $150 back so you end up only paying $299 for it. The shipping is free and the rebate is easy to submit. The other sites online offer rebates too but you have to send in a couple different ones and there's all these requirements. I just got mine today. woo hoo!
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    The store I referenced in Post 10 above had them for $150 for new customers last week.
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    I also bought my Treo on Ebay, but I am curious whether Verizon will replace it if something goes wrong with the phone? I know many people on here have gotten replacements and I am assuming I am out of luck if I ever have a major problem, but does anybody know for sure?
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    I bought a full retail 700w ($668 inc tax) in order to get the V710 settlement with Verizon. I had a car kit, hang up cup and lots of accessories so I needed to buy an expensive phone to get my full refund. If anyone needs an unopened 700W, make me an offer - e-mail me at porschemaniac at . Thanks....
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    Ah, bit the bullet and listed on ebay HERE

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