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    When i use camera mode, and trying to record a movie, it records just fine. but if you play the recorded movie, its very sluggish. About first 5seconds of the video are fine, then it starts getting choppy and frame rate drops really low. I tried playing same clip on PC and its same thing. I then tried to record movies onto Storage Card, but same thing. Anyone have this?( also i stoped all services while recording)

    Then, I recently installed patch 1.10 and found new problems. Very often my phone doesnt come out of screen saver mode (black page if u press end key) So I have to do soft reset, and when phone boots back into OS, i gett this error:

    The file 'DC' cannot be opened. Either it is not signed wwith a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. You might need to reinstall or restore this flie.

    I could not find this file, but it is on my PC under Treo update folder.

    Anyone know what this is all about?

    Next anoying thing now I noticed that even when email client is not running open, I gett "You have unread emails" notification every like 10 minutes. It is kind of annoying that i cannot disable this. Also its telling me something about Pocket MSN temporarily unavailable, when i'm not even trying to run this.

    Anyone share the same problems with their Treo700?
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    I'm not using the camera much yet (I got the phone on Friday), but I am having the problem of it being plugged into the computer and then when I try to wake it up, no buttons respond. I also have to do a soft reset.

    I think I've read that this is a problem with the 1.10 update, but don't know since I applied the update as soon as I got the phone. I think you can go into Activesync and change the schedule on the check emails to avoid the 10 min issue.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful. I've had the 600 and 650, but this 700 seems very foreign!
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    I think i fixed the problem with device unable to wake up. It deals with ActiveSync and solution was posted here:

    But I still dont know about the camera problem. It just records very bad video.
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    Sounds like the updater was not completely installed on your phone. This is one of several reasons why Palm pulled it from the website. They are fixing the issue and will have it available ASAP. You will probably have to download it again to fix your issues.

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