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    I finally got MS Reader activated and now really want to get Adobe EBook Reader activated so it reads copy protected eBooks. No matter what I do I keep getting the following error message.

    Your Adobe softare could not be activated.
    Adobe DRM Activator error (client code 6)
    Fault location: 1
    Contact customer support

    Customer support was uesless and they told me to go to an Adobe help site which was useless also. Palm pushes that Pacsil reader thing which I don't want to install until I know it will read eBooks. Basically I download eBooks from the public library and they work great on the desktop but I want to read them on the 700w.

    If anyone has suggestions it would be most appreciated. Also I have a copy of OEMINFO.XML if you would like a copy. That is for the Microsoft reader. Provide your e-mail address and i'll send it.

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    Are you reading ebooks in pdf format? If not, then why would you want Adobe?
    Here is a good free reader called Ubook. It covers a lot of formats.

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