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    Hello I was going to purchase some extra stylus for my 700w, but want to make sure before doing so, are the 650 & 700w interchangeable for them?
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    Make sure you get 700W styli. The 650 will fit, but the phone contours differ somewhat, and the end of the stylus will stick out if you use the 650 stylus.
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    Same.. The one I purchased had a pen on the end. Very Handy. I don't seem to see a "countour" problem.
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    I have purchased a couple different stylus's for my 700W, but made for the 650. I have not noticed ANY difference in the fit or contour compared to the original 700W stylus. I did however note that the top molded plastic piece of the 650 stylus is more 'black' in color where as the 700W stylus is more 'silver' colored to better match the casing of the 700W.


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