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    Hello everyone I am going to be getting a 700w in a few days (hopefully), and want to get prepaired for its arrival... On that note I was wondering a few questions about protecting it.

    1.) Does anyone know what cases a 700w will fit in with a ShieldZone full body shield on it. I am anal about protection, and would like this to last a long time. I had a rubberish case for my Ipod, but a little dirt got in it, now it is scratched to hell. Hence the shield and case.

    2.) How snug is the fit on something like the p6 side case, will it fit with the shield.

    3.) How easy does this peel up.
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    I have both, Shieldzone and P6. Perfect together. I have not had to peel mine off yet, but it appears to be a very benign 'adhesive'.

    The installation video on the web site is not the model SZ that you buy, but you get the idea for putting it on. Use the little bottle of liquid that comes with it, works great.
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    I have shieldzone on my treo....its the best thing I've ever done for my it on my ipod as well...

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