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    I notice this a few times when i was talking on the phone...i get the balloon saying that it cant connect, never did that before.

    I must say that this new update, active sync is absolutely tenacious with regards to trying to connect and sync
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    I've gotten this too.
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    I got it last night while in a call, the caller was still connected
    but I could not hear her nor her me.
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    i had this before the update and now that it's updated its gone..maybe your update did not go through properly
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    I never got it before the update. I've seen it once now while in a 1X area but I'll be watching closely.
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    no my update went through no hitch. like i wasnt able to send people to vm "ignore" after the update but after a couple soft resets it started to we'll see
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    that dialoug window is really annoying because you tap dismiss it reappears after a bit and you have to dismiss it otherwise you cant access anything else
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