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    Not a biggie since calling my own number works just as well but still...
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    whats star 86?
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    *86 went to voicemail. *86pppp*pin would get you all of the way in. It worked on previous phones and the Treo 700w before the update.
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    mine still works...i checked vm quite a bit today
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    *86 still works for me too..
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    Mine still works also.
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    *86 works but *86pppppin doesn't. *86,,,pin does. I guess I lucked out with using "pppp" before.
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    How did you enter the commas into the dial field? And how do you edit the default "Voicemail 1" on the Today screen to include this custom dial string?
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    I add commas in the text field of a contact and then copy (or cut) paste to the phone field.

    You can change the "Voicemail 1" by going into Menu-Speed dial Options. Before I noticed that "p" is no longer supported as a pause, I just changed "1" to my own cell phone number and added the PIN as additional digits.
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    I still use "," for pauses, always have with the Treo 700w

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