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    I was going to make a poll, but I dont know how to do it, lol.....I was kinda bumed for a while on my T700, it was ok, but it was not stellar, I was even thinking about the Moto Q or something else to replace it after the update I am loving it...I was showing it off again today at work...especially to the blackberry people now that I have many people feel like me?

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    totally agree. they fixed many of the issues I had with the phone.
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    The battery drain after the update is more of a detriment than anything that was improved because of it. My opinion of the 700w today is less than it was yesterday.
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    What battery drain?
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    My treo has been unplugged since 5am this morning and I've used it tons today, due to playing with the new enhancements, and I have 41% battery left now (although its true I have a Seido 2200m battery...
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    I have the Seidio 2400m and I went through 1.5 today. I can't tell for sure but it definitely feels like it is draining faster than it normally does.
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    after all the phones that i've been through, i was happy with this phone, i resided to myself that there is no perfect phone out of the box. with the recent update, i am more happy with this phone, sure it didn't grow another 32 megs after the update, but it's using what it has better now, and that makes it a better phone IMO
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    I am much more pleased with my 700w after the update. It seems to respond better, and I love push email.
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    I totally agree.

    I bought a blackberry last week because I have been so tired of the resets, wireless sync insufficiencies, active sync just not working, and mostly the delays when the phone was turned on. Of course, when I went to blackberry, I quickly found new problems (problems with bidirectional calendar sync'ing). I did the upgrade last night, have used the Treo today, and tomorrow I will return the blackberry.

    Seems to me Microsoft is headed in the right direction.

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    I too am happier with an updated Treo. I am still wondering why the daylight savings thing was not fixed. I am in GMT-7 Mountain and the network keeping bouncing me back to GMT-6 Saskatchewan. Interesting that my actual time displayed on the device does not change.

    Anyway...happier with updated Treo. Pocketplus doesn't stall out my machine any longer!!
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    Push mail is going to use more battery power to sustain the data connection. Did people really think they would get better features with less power usage?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VZWuser
    Push mail is going to use more battery power to sustain the data connection. Did people really think they would get better features with less power usage?
    yup, always a give and take
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