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    Hi there, I'm looking for a simple shortcut that takes me to a the "New Task" screen. I have a Treo 700w, so that New menu for WM5 won't work for me... the soft-keys are pre-programmed and stuck. I know SPB Pocket Plus comes with a bunch of shortcuts placed in a folder, and this is EXACTLY what I need... the only problem is, I don't want to install SPB Pocket Plus. It really slows down the phone way too much. I'm just looking for a simple "New Task" shortcut, nothing more. If the shortcut from SPB Pocket Plus works without having the program installed, then having somebody send that file to me would absolutely make my day. Very Happy I'd really appreciate it if somebody could help me out... Thanks!
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    Newmenu works on my Treo 700w. It worked before the update as well.
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    yep mine too.

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