Hey all:
New to Treo, bought 5 for the office and am trying to iron out all kinks before giving them to the folks less patient than I.
Question: How to manage the automatic connect features for e-mail, MMS, etc. More important, how do you get the device to disconnect after it connects to check for new messages?

Created a hotmail and MSN Messenger account to see if it was friendly, but regardless of how many times I unchecked the boxes to automatically connect, I had to finally delete my passport and hotmail account (via computer), and that seemed to stop my phone from connecting every 15 minutes or so.
So now, when I manually check for new MMS, it connects (dials, no evdo here), but doesn't appear to disconnect, and I cannot find a setting to auto disconnect.
I can go to a unlimited data plan if needed, but really need to limit the 'unintentional' data connections, so that the primary tool--the phone--is available.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.