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    I have a folder on my computer that contains a lot of html formatted documentation. The folder itself isn't that large, maybe 30 MB, but it contains about 7,000 small HTML files.

    What's the best way to sync this folder with the SD card on my Treo 700w? I currently use an SD card reader and copy the files directly to the SD card in the card reader then put the card back in the Treo.

    Ultimately, I'd like to get this directory of files on a web server and sync them through my EVDO connection somehow. Does anyone have thoughts on the best way to do that? Is there anything like the linux tool, wget?

    Since they are html formatted files, I can view them directly on a web server right now with Internet Explorer. The problem is I'm not always in an area that has good coverage to use the Internet, and it's much faster to browse the files from the SD card then over the internet.

    Thanks, Spencer.
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    There is a free Windows download, SyncToy, which allows syncing of two directories, presumably located on a server or locally or on a wireless drive. Works well from PC to an external hard drive, but that is the only method I have used.

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