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    Since the connection never disconnects and still allows IP pings, my AgileMessenger with AIM always stays connected and able to receive IMs. I love it!

    1.10 is a very welcome update in this regard.
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    Could you post some screenshots? Where can we download Agile? How much does it cost?
  3.    #3 They have screenies there I think.
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    I keep getting cannot connect to Yahoo services. Their support seems non-existant on WM5.
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    I am apprehensive still. However, any chance of getting the same connectivity as my 650 and I'm all over it. Thanks!

    Edit: Holy crap, it works!
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    ive been using this now and its great......BUT when i open my windows messenger its shuts down agile.....EVERY time it does can i resolve this matter?
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    It runs great with my Windows Messenger account (instead of using the MS client). Another distraction to keep my from getting my work done

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    Which is the Beta 3 versions is the best to download for the treo 700w? THe SmartPhone or Pocket PC


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