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    I find that the Treo, once fully charged begins to draw off the battery and not the charger. Because in the morning after a full charge and a few hours in between the green light and me taking it off the charger, if I hook it back up it will be able to charge for at least 15-30 min again. However, if I take it off the charger right when it turns green and plug it back in, it won't charge as long.
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    I have to agree with RUSSMD , I have two pop3 accounts , no wireless sync or exchange server . I have tried the Axim fix to no avail and have to keep my email on manual checking and make sure that manually disconnect to prevent the battery drain . One thing for me that seems critical to battery life is strength of signal . My house gets only one bar and it vascilates between EVDO and 1X , at home my battery drains very quickly , 8 hrs to 10% if I leave the connection on and schedule 15 min intervals for email ( with the box checked ) .
    At work I have 5 bars of EVDO and the battery will be at 75% after a 10 hr day with the connection on and the email checking every 15 min .

    I have tried the unchecked box fix but that doesn't work for me either , if the boxes are unchecked , it does not check email regardless of the number in the shaded box . I have tried checking one and unchecking the other and every possible combination , it simply does not do what it says it is supposed to do .
    Until somebody comes up with a fix , I have to keep it on manual , which is incredibly annoying to have $500 phone that I have to manually check my email with . My old trusty 600 did a much better job at one of the more common tasks that users expect out of a PDA phone . Palm really needs to step up to the plate on this one !!!
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    BTW - the Axim fix didn't stick for me post update if I delete the dummy entry. Once I deleted the dummy entry, the "schedule" option grayed out and the old default was reinitiated. I needed to retain the dummy entry.
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    After I installed the update I had no battery drain problems. After the update I began getting my email pushed to me from an Exchange server at and this has worked for over a month.

    Last week I added a pop account (previously i had not ever used any) and set it to check every 45 minutes. That day, after removing the Treo from the charger at 9am, and only using maybe 40 minutes of talk time the entire day, and absolutely no other use, the phone would be dead (dead where you can't even power it on at all) by around 6pm.

    Realizing that pop access wasn't worth this, I deleted the pop account from the phone, yet my battery life continues to be absolutely terrible. Because at my new job I can't take calls and don't have time to mess on the Treo I know I did not even use it at all today, and again unplugging from the wall at 9am it was actually stone dead by 4pm! I received maybe 5 emails with push during the day.

    I plugged it in and charged for an hour and it still wouldn't turn on, nor would the indicator light come on to say it was charging. I removed and reinserted the battery, tried using the reset button, etc. No luck. 2 hours later, I unplugged it from the wall and the reset button worked and its back up with maybe 2/3 charge.

    I just deleted and re-entered my Exchange settings. See how tomorrow goes.

    Any ideas?

    Also, anyone have any experience working with Verizon to get either a replacement phone, or a different smartphone without having to pay a fortune? I have become most dissatisfied with this phone, due to what I'd have to call design defects, yet can't justify spending another $300+ to replace it after only having it for 4 months.

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    Just an update. I did a hard reset and reinstalled my Exchange push settings, no pop settings. Reinstalled everything else. I am at 83% after 6 hours of light use, totally acceptable. I hate having to hard reset... this makes hard reset #3... but the phone works now.

    - matt
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    so is the conclusion basically we can't use POP if we want good battery life?

    ANYONE have any success?
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    My battery has been fine too just out the blue started working really well. Started my day at 6am and now 10:30pm use push email and talked for a good hour or so solid and 20 and 30 mins here and there and my batt is at 67% full. :-)
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    does anyone use POP & Push at the same time? And if so, do you have your POP set to automatically pull every so often? And if so, how does that affect your battery? Does it actually pull when you want it to?

    I'm interested in adding a second email account in addition to my exchange server. It looks like the only option I have will be to add it as either pop or imap. Any thoughts? Anyone doing this already?
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    I'm pushing my Lotus notes with Pylon Anywhere, and using POP with outlook to check my GMail account. I've got the 2400 mAh battery, but I very rarerly get below 50%. I'm using the Treo on/off 10 hours a day with about 70 emails a day on average. I have Gmail checking every 45 minutes. (I did have trouble with Pylon at first, but that was because I had readysync and push both checked. Once I unchecked the readysync, my Treo has been working like a champ!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawrence.c.lee
    so is the conclusion basically we can't use POP if we want good battery life?

    ANYONE have any success?
    I contacted VZW on this issue and they are sending me a new phone and instructed me to NOT put the update into the phone . Without the update the phone will schedule POP3 checking and disconnect when through which will substantially increase battery life . They said to wait for the next firmware update which should address this issue .
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    I found a solution that got my periodic polling working for my POP account. Go into delivery prefs, put the interval (i.e., number of minutes) in the box you want, and then de-select (uncheck) the check box that says "connect and check for messages." Now it polls like it should w/o the significant hit to battery life. The fact that the EVDO connection remain connected does not appear to be a big issue, since it is dormant most of the time.

    I also, by the way, have push set up to sync with an Exchange server in the Outlook account. The two accounts seem to behave fine together.
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    is that I only have Exchange and that's it.

    My battery lasts until only about 6PM! I would put in a brand new charged battery in around 7AM.. and by 6PM I am 5% or dead.. i have used the fone for maybe 30-45 mins tops and most of the time it's because of the push.

    Is there anything I can do??

    I am using for my exchange hosting..
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    I see that last reply here was written in July of 2006. Are there any updates ? I just got 700w few days ago and battery life is just unacceptable.

    Although TREO concept is great. Windows OS, calendar and other cool features are awesome but what is the point of DATA plan, which by the way is FREAKEN expensive, if I can't receive emails as they come. I just don't understand how PALM can sell this phone for ~$400, Verizon sell data plan for $50 while customers can use the main feature --> Emails / Internet. This is unacceptable IMO.
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    What I recommend is getting the 2400mAh extended battery from Seidio and you will have much better battery life. Along with that, make sure error reporting is disabled, bluetooth is disabled (when not in use), activesync is not loaded, brightness is set to half way or lower, your email auto-syncs once an hour and not once every 5 minutes, and last but not least, use the close button program to help you close programs that sit in the background and do nothing.

    Doing the above, I get just over 3 days of battery life and I text well over 200 times a day and browse the web for a good 15-30 minutes.
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