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    Someone please tell me I'm an ***** because there is a way to send a blast text message to a "category" of contacts (family, friends, etc.) on this beeaatch and I can't figure it out.
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    I have been asking that question for months now and no one seems to have a solution.

    My sucky workaround:

    Make a Note, or word doc with all the email addresses, or phone numbers all listed out. Everytime you want to send a mass text or email, open up the note or doc, select all, copy, open up messenger, and paste in the "to" column and there you go.

    Not what you wanted, but it works for now until someone makes a program that can set up distribution lists.

    Good luck
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    Or paste multiple email addresses in a single address field and use that as the distribution list. (You can't create an email like this from Outlook 2003 but it works with Pocket Outlook.)

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