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    It seems to me that doing a soft reset takes MUCH longer now that I have completed the update. While it does seem to go through the "status bar" much faster, it now sits on the "new" "Windows Mobile" screen for considerably longer that the process before the update.

    Are you other folks experianceing this as well?

    By the way, while the 700w DOES seem to run better (can more "quickly" move around from item to item) I can see no improvement in memory of memory leakage.

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    mine seems to be a bit faster. your correct, it goes through the bar quicker and sits for a bit on the windows mobile screen but still seems to be a bit faster. if its not faster not its any slower on my device.
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    Well I never actually "timed" it before or after the update, but to me it seems considerably longer.

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    Seems a little quicker here (programs that I have in my startup seem to load much faster). The real test will be not how long it takes to do a reset, but how often we have to do it. For me, so far, so good

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    OK I will agree that it does seem faster, but my memory seems worse since
    the update. Mine was staying up around 8-10 meg with use and now it is dropping
    down to the 5meg range.
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    for me i think its a lot faster actually... the bar moves through it in about 5-7 seconds and the Windows Mobile splash screen is only there for another 3-5 seconds, i actually like the fact that it is faster.
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    I'm wondering if the length of time that the "Windows Mobile" screen stays up (a long time for me) is dependant on the of number of programs in memory. I am presently up to about 35 third party software applications. How about those of you who are seeing a "faster" boot time - how many additional programs do you have loaded?

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    It gets to the the unlock screen much faster on my device and I love not having to turn on the numlock key anymore.

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