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    I am now using for active sync and it works great...only I can't figure out how to keep my inbox in total sync, example when I delete an email on my treo its still on my account when I go to my computer, I would love for them to be in total sync.....I'm sure its just an option check somewhere, anyone know where?

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    I'm not having this issue. Under Outlook settings, make sure "emtpy deleted items" is set to immediate or on connect/disconnect perhaps?
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    If you do a send/recieve on your desktop does it then delete? I was under the impression that everything is synched upon the next synch. Sorry if that sounds confusing.
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    If I delete it on the desktop it does not delete it on my treo.....if i delete it on my treo it does not delete it on my desktop....the contacts/calander/tasks all sync together flawlessly
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    I've noticed if I'm not getting any new mail, sometimes it takes a while (5minutes maybe hours) to get both boxes in sync. Trying running active sync on your Treo and see if that gets your PPC to look like your desktop, that usaully does the trick for me.
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    How is your email getting to 4smartphone? Is the delay in the email getting there or 4smartphone pushing it to you?
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    No I'm not having any delays, I mean if I haven't received any emails, activesync doesn't run and update the message status of both boxes. I keep my work email pretty clean and spam filters tight so I don't get many messages. Sometimes I get 5 emails in 5 minutes other times I may go 3-6 hours without getting any messages, cuz people aren't sending, not cuz of any server delay.
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    ohh ok.....i re-installed it and it seems to be working good now I'm no longer jealous of blackberries
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    Good. Glad you're up and running.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yitzchakis1
    ohh ok.....i re-installed it and it seems to be working good now I'm no longer jealous of blackberries
    I am having the same problem that you experinced with mail deletion, how did you get it corrected? What did you reinstall?
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    Is 4Smartphone pretty much the same as goodlink but cheaper? What are the differences between the two? I currently use goodlink and it works very well for me and it's fast. But if I can save money by switching to 4Smartphone then by all means; of course it would seem that it might not be as good for the price.

    So with all that, what are the differences between the two??
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    Sorry for another question about 4Smartphone, but does it require you to leave your desktop PC on with Outlook open like Wirelessync does?
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    Check out their FAQ section, it's pretty informative, (and I'm not trying to be rude I just thought everybody would like the link)

    No you don't have to have your PC on. But you can leave it or several on and connected to your account will no ill effects. I'm not familiar with Goodlink. But 4smartphone allows you to use your desktop version of Outlook, your PPC and you still have Outlook Web access when you are traveling. Plus with the pro version you get a copy of Outlook 2003.
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    Thanks Hotrod, I had been through their FAQ's but didn't see any specific reference to having to leave your PC on. Thanks again.
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    Good luck. I've been on 4smartphone for 2 months now and I love it. My only problem is slow connectivity at work where we are using satellite internet and dividing it among 4 computers so it's not terribly fast to begin with. There customer support is very good also.
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    I've noticed this too and done some testing.. apparantly DirectPUSH only pushes down new email and doesn't do a full mailbox sync for speed. but it does a full sync to clear things up after each heatbeat interval renews, which is typically 15-30 min.

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