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    Has anyone had a problem installing Picsel on an SD card. I have found I can install it on internal Treo memory, but everytime I try to install it on an SD card (trying soft resets,etc.) I get an error message that it fails.

    I am trying to load the new version of picsel and have update the Treo with the just released update. Not a major problem, but I prefer to keep Treo memory as available as possible and load non-essential programs on the SD card.

    Any similar experiences?
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    I did the Treo update yesterday and reloaded Picsel on the SD card with no problems.
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    There are alot more problems with picsel I emailed them about. Memory issues still exist. I can load a 700 page pdf with Acrobat no problem but Picsel after page 27 or so starts to choke. I hate the fact that when your done reading a page and want to jump to the next page that you need to scroll back to the top of the next page so you can start reading it. Acrobat this is not the case you just scroll and keep on reading. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong here? Can picsel be tweaked so I can read continous its driving me nuts. I ask them as well about assigning keys.

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