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    My company won't allow Push email without a VPN connection, which they won't allow yet on PPC devices. Therefor, I'm stuck with using OneBridge, which works well, at least it did. I had to perform a reinstall of OneBridge due to connectivity issues. Now I don't have the ability to set delivery preferences. How can I get "delivery preferences" back?
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    I, rather late in the day, have just done the 1.20 upgrade and my OneBridge crashes the machine every time now. It worked perfectly before - unlike the 600 where I never got it to work reliably.

    Maybe reinstalling it (which my IT people will have to do) will do the job but did you get over the problem you mention?
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    I've had to hard reset my device 3 times now since the update. Hard resetting brought back my delivery preferences, but I've had to remove and reinstall OneBridge several times to get it to work properly. I'd like to go back to the original SW version.
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    Much to my surprise Onebridge seems to be working properly after the reinstallation - I can't get multimedia messages anymore but that's another thing!

    Thanks for your help
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    I had to HS my device again. This time, I decided to rebuild it from scratch and not use Sprite to rebuild it because I also lost the ability to sync via BT. Now that I have a functioning device, I've made a backup of it.

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