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    How do I uninstall wireless sync from my 700w. If I go to remove programs, I see Sync Client. Is that what I need to delete? Thanks.
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    yes, that is what you need to uninstall. However, references to it seem to be left behind after the uninstall and you'll receive periodic errors about clientshell.exe not being able to be launched.

    Based on reading various posts, I was led to believe that installing Wireless Sync again from an updated installer available from verizon and then uninstalling it again would fix this. Supposedly the updated client has a better uninstaller. (for the link to download it directly to your Treo from Verizon, check your Treo's file system for a file name provisioning or something like that. The link to the cab file is listed in there)

    I did not find this to be the case though and still had the errors. I ended up doing a hard reset to refresh my Treo. Worked well for me because I had been trying out a lot of different software over the past few weeks and I wanted to reset it and install just the few apps I use anyways....

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