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    I have my schedule set to sync during:
    Peak Times: As items arrive
    Off-Peak Times: Manually

    X Use above settings when roaming
    X Send Outgoing Items Immediately

    PEAK TIMES: All Days 8am-8pm

    However, it keeps pushing email now at 10:10pm EST! I disconnected broadband, and within a few minutes it was reconnected and receiving mail.

    I will say this, it is PERSISTANT!

    Any suggestions - Anyone else experiencing this?

    BTW: Thank you for all the valuable info, I've lurked since the 700's release.
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    it's a bit annoying and i feel your pain. today our webmail was down for a bit and this thing kept trying to sync no matter what i did w/ the scheduling it would not adhere to it. I set things to manual and it wouldnt listen LOL
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    My internet is always on now. Cant keep it off. Can receive call while connected. Battery takes a huge hit now
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    Eeks! I hadn't even thought about that, I do travel in 1x markets, and while I don't really care if I'm connected or not in EVDO where I can receive calls while connected, I may have a huge problem in 1x...

    I too just attempted to shutoff PUSH altogether, and it appears to ignore ALL settings...Anyone have suggestions for taming this beast?

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