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    I was hoping that the second I delete an email from my device it would delete from Outlook on my desktop..not the case...

    It gets deleted the next time a new email comes in...or... i make a contact/task/calendar change.. or do a send receive..

    Did they miss this or what? It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to get that working.


    (Other than that... it works well )
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    Chatter has a similar feature called "efficient sync". I think the purpose is to use the data connection less often so that CDMA phones don't miss calls since phonecalls don't interrupt data transmission.
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    I can see that in 1xRTT areas...and also on phones in GPRS (dont know about EDGE or UMTS) areas..

    ...but since EVDO does allow phone calls to come through.. no matter what... I hope they will at least make it an option soon....
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    Quote Originally Posted by gex
    I was hoping that the second I delete an email from my device it would delete from Outlook on my desktop..not the case...
    I'm not sure I understand why this is important. Is someone else monitoring your desk for you to see if it deletes when you delete on your phone? Or are you just sitting there with nothing better to do than watch both screens? What would be the operational case for instantaneous, bi-locational delete?
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    I have nothing better to do

    Its just that im on the run at times.... and on the way to my desk i may delete a few emails...when i get to Outlook they are still there.... say i dont get an email for a while...then all the mail management while away from my desk does not take effect/applied and i have to delete them again when i get to outlook....I guess i could send myself an email to kick it into action (just thought of that) or do a manual send/receive.

    I know its a little complaint but its the little things that matter most

    I dont know.. its just a function I would expect to have been implemented since it looks like everything else triggers a sync to occur....
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    That would be reverse push. I run into the same issue you have almost daily. I just try to remember to do a send/receive after I read and/or delete messages on the phone.
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    I have a few thoughts on what may be happening to cause the delay. I only see a 40 second or so delay at most when I update something on the device to when it arrives updated on the computer.

    I am going to guess that, once again, Palm is doing something different in their tweaking that makes it slower to react to changes or to synchronize changes up to the server.

    Another thing that may be an issue is that you may not have set your desktop outlook to update frequently enough for when changes are made. Check your desktop settings in Outlook.

    As a note, I am using a different phone (Qtek 9100) but it should be the same operation in this instance. When I make a change in the PIM on my device, it begins syncing as soon as I hit the OK button, and it is usually on my laptop within 10-20 seconds. Sometimes it can be around 40 seconds, but I don't have to press Send and Receive or wait for the next email to come in so it will synchronize.
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    this doesnt make sense, it has to be a setting on the desktop because how would you explain that you can get emails delivered to your phone before it even hits your desktop...i think silver5 is right the settings for your desktop isnt doing it as fast.
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    Push mail is triggered by the server. What you are talking about is 2 way real time mail. Even BB doesn't do that. It does a reconciliation on a schedule to remove deleted items etc.

    Also if you move a mail from the inbox on a BB it will never delete itself from the exchange server. with outlook / exchange the server will know it has been read and moved and will delete it for you during the next reconciliation cycle.
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    Yup... am talking about 2 way real time email... oh well...everything else triggers an instant activesync to occur other than deleting emails from the inbox on the device...

    Guess this would also effect read messages! So if I read something on the device it will not show as read in Outlook until the next activesync session gets triggered...either by a new email arriving or a change to a contact/task/calendar or manual send/receive/sync on the device.

    So that will be their goal for the next version!!! Will talk to my Microsoft contacts about this next time we meet up to see if its even on their roadmap..
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    technically that would be 'pull' not 'push'
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    Anyone had a problem where they delete a mail on their Treo, an hour or so later they log onto exchange to see it's still there so to test, I then grabbed my Treo and did a manual Send/Receive, it said it updated....checked the desktop and it was still there. So I left it alone thinking it might take awhile to sync, went to bed, got up this morning, logged on Exchange to see the mail still there, still marked as unread even though it had been read, deleted and manually synced on the Treo. I finally just deleted it to get it done with.

    Now this was done in testing, normally I wouldn't be that worried about it but I just started doing this push thing and just got my hosted exchange account through 4smartphone so I'm trying to learn the in's and out's. Thanks in advance.
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    I agree with gex. I am a former Goodlink user where everything was bidirectional and continuously syncing. This is a triggered sync which clearly is different but works pretty well for me(built in push Treo 700wx and Exchange with SP2). I would prefer that when I delete msgs on the Treo that a sync is initiated. Not a huge issue but somewhat annoying.
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    Not even Flexmail 2007 with IDLE supports this. You have to setup a send/rec schedule in addition to prevent you from manually having to do so.

    We were all spoiled by chatter Someday things will get there!

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    Direct push is certainly capable of this because it works on mine.

    In pOutlook under Menu - Tools - Options - Storage you need to change "Empty Deleted Items" to Immediately. I just tested it by comparing my phone nd desktop and it disappeared in 5 seconds...

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    URPREY, you are correct. It does immediately initiate a sync with that setting. I thought that setting determined when the "deleted items" folder was emptied. Thanks.
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    Funny thing is, it's not initiating a sync with mine...I still have to manually sync to update a deleted item.
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    I'm using chatter on the palm700 and outlook express, and everything stays in sync, almost immediately. Both are using imap to the same account, not pop.

    At first I used the account that chatter gives you for six months fee, and forwarded my corp email to it for testing.

    Now we've upgraded our corporate email to Merak which is doing much better spam filtering than our old one, but more importantly supports the "idle" command which is what makes "push" work with the phones.

    Now to be specific, if I delete from the phone or from the desk, within a moment (10-15seconds), it's gone from the phone, but struck thru on the desktop. In both cases I have to purge the desktop either manually or just leave the folder and come back (I have that option on)

    I'm on verizon, with broadband in the local area. Havent' been out of the broadband area yet.

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