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    I just recieved a replacement phone and it behaves in the same manner as my original Feb '06 700W. Palm claims it is a Verizon problem and Verizon says it is a Palm problem. Unfortunately, tech support at neither place actually has a 700W to verify the problem (AMAZING !).

    Here is the situation: I have programed speed dial to connect to my VM at home & 2 office locations and in all cases I use the "Advanced" feature of speed dial. Everything works fine.

    The problem occurs when my home or office calls my Treo. I answer the call and then both parties hear the string of "Advanced" digits as though the Treo orginated the call and is trying to get into my voice mail.

    Do I have an incorrect set-up or can someone with a TREO duplicate this problem. Thanks
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    Here is the work around !!!

    Response (AJ) - 04/21/2006 11:58 AM
    Dear Mr. CEO,

    Please try not using the advanced dialing numbers option of the speed dial.
    Enter the extra digits into the phone number in Outlook, i.e. office contact
    have the phone number 408-555-1212,,,1234#. These options must be entered into
    Outlook and then brought to the phone by ActiveSync
    . You can then set this as a
    speed dial, again not using the advanced dialing feature.

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