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    i guess if u run your own exchange you can do it from there...
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    couple things I noticed with the update:
    1. When you have an alarm set a little bell icon goes on the time on the today screen
    2. when you click the battery icon it now gives you a #% full
    3. New ICON in Settings>Connections "Wireless Manager"
    4. Battey life seems better (but cant tell for sure on that one)
    5. Seems a bit faster
    6. More ram available (bout 1meg) but seems like things are better at closing down as well

    I'm sure there is a lot more but these are just a couple that i wanted to shoot off because i havent seen them mentioned (well a couple have been all ready)
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    Been running with the update since mid afternoon. I have all apps closed on the phone now and I'm sitting at 4.5MB free. Looks like the memory leak is still there.
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    Good looking out, snowcrash.

    I found 15 different things, and posted it here:
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    With all the reports of dead devices I would defenately recomend a hard reset before attempting to do the update!

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    I also noticed that the back command in pie loads much quicker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by plasmo
    which menu do you see this option?
    Its not an option.. just a new way of it working.. before it would disconect data after every send/rec of POP3... now it keeps the connection live but dormant....very nice... you no longer have to wait for it to establish a connection as it should stay always on...
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    I use exchange mail, have hosting, but I would like to know how to do a remote wipe. Anyone?
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    The hosting provider should provide a web interface to the feature... keep those passwords secure!

    or else....
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    that is a great thing...always hated it when i checked on my pop email and it would disconnect
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    anybody having slow internet problems I used to get 700k now i'm getting around 122k I don't want to do a hard reset and lose all my data (fixed it the last time) Any ideas?
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    Update is complete. No problems. 16.06 free in Storage and 13.75 free in programs.

    Well, after installing Sprite Backup for Windows from the Palm Site, my free Storage is now at 1.24 I've uninstalled and done a soft reset but no change
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    I just have to say i'm averging 2 seconds to get exchange mail that is amazing... finally can keep up with a BES server.
    Thanks for the link on the free exchange mail through mail2web it works great!!!!!!
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    16.07 free program memory here!!!!
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    does anyone know what the original 4 digit lock code is?
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    I don't know if this just worked for me but as I posted before I had mine kinda hosed because I had to remove the phone during update because of lock up and I could reinstall the update. Someone posted here to try to change the ver file inside the verizon update folder to 1.20 from 1.10, well it didn't work so I changed to 1.11 and I got it to reinstall and finally got the update. Everything seems to be fine but I don't have that new usb icon in the programs. I got everything else working, including push email. I am getting replacement phone so I guess I will update that phone and see the difference and I will be choosing which phone to send it back to verizon...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdoe
    does anyone know what the original 4 digit lock code is?
    Jamesdoe try the last 4 digits of your phone number and see if that works.
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    I dont have a USB icon either.. i will be updating two more devices i will compare...
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    thanks nash...

    another question to anyone out there...does this mean that we can receive gmail email when it comes or do we have to set up the time intervals to check ?
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    Here's a useful link to a Microsoft guide for configuring your Exchange Server for Direct Push and for Remote Kill. It's billed as being for SBS server but applies to any version of Exchange 2003 SP2.

    Also, Chris deHerrera's website is second to none for great support info on all things Windows Mobile - Look at the FAQ section in particular.
    This article is very helpful for those configuring Exchange 2003 for Windows Mobile device use: This was also published as an article in last months Pocket PC magazine.

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