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    Quote Originally Posted by byt0r
    Ok, thanks, I found that in my gmail options - also within my pocket MSN I was able to disable it for my hotmail. Thanks again....

    With this update does this mean that my Broadband connection will always be on? Again, I think this is why my battery is dying so quickly.
    looks like you have to disable it within pocket msn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heatmisr
    looks like you have to disable it within pocket msn.
    Any insight as to how to do that? There don't seem to be many options for controlling Hotmail through Pocket MSN.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jc01108
    I am having a devil of a time deleting the 0 temp files. I started at 3:30 pm on Thursday and here it is on Friday morning and they are still not all deleted. I tried doing a soft reset and starting over, but I have gone from 5500 files to 2500 to 2045 and it is still at it. This should have been automated as part of the install routine.
    While you are in the Temp directory go to Menu / Edit / Select All

    Then Delete

    It will Select and Delete ALL of the files. I deleted 900+ files in about 30 seconds
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    What happened to the Palm 700 update? It is not on the Palm site anymore. Did anyone save the file?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bakerkm45
    II've tried to follow the above instructions and have run into problems. The first box was already unchecked, so the delivery preferences option apparently has no control over things. Secondly, when I view a list of my accounts, my Hotmail one doesn't appear there so I am not able go through the set-up pages to modify it.
    You can remove Hotmail via a registry entry. Search around using those terms. Once you've stopped the "push" email, you'll solve your battery drain woes.
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